Settlement & Recovery Experts

Settlement & Recovery Experts

DCap Claims is dedicated to offering comprehensive third-party filing services for business-to-business settlement claims. DCap prides itself on its extensive knowledge and experience of settlements, combined with a passion of advocating on behalf of the client. DCap’s role involves directly engaging with clients to submit their claims, maximize their value, communicate with the claims administrator, and ensure the claim is serviced effectively through to the final resolution.

DCap’s commitment to the client’s success is unwavering. Discover the reasons why clients choose DCap. DCap Claims is here to champion your interests and secure your rightful settlements, ensuring peace of mind and success for your business.

Unlock your recovery

DCap provides claim filing and settlement support services for businesses that have valid settlement claims. DCap makes the complex filing process simple for all of our clients.

Dedicated to your claim’s success

DCap works directly with and on behalf of the client to file claims, maximize their value, communicate with the claims administrator, counsel and service the claim through ultimate recovery.

No upfront cost. No hidden charges

There are no upfront fees or other hidden charges. DCap does not get paid unless and until the client gets paid. Your business could benefit from the experience, skills, and one-on-one customer oriented claims settlement services of DCap today!

DCap’s team of industry experts collaborate seamlessly to offer you a personalized experience tailored to your unique needs.

Who We Are

At DCap Claims, the mission revolves around working directly with and on behalf of the client. DCap is your dedicated partner throughout the entire process – from filing claims and maximizing their value to facilitating communication with claims administrators and legal counsel. The commitment extends to servicing your claim right through to its ultimate recovery. DCap is your trusted ally ensuring your interests are safeguarded every step of the way.

What We Do

DCap Claims specializes in offering comprehensive claim filing and settlement support services tailored for businesses holding valid antitrust and class action claims. The expertise lies in simplifying the intricate filing process, ensuring that the client, irrespective of their complexity, experiences a streamlined and straightforward journey. DCap is dedicated to fostering your path to recovery to be both efficient and successful.

New Revenue Opportunities

Discover the untapped revenue that comes from partnering with DCap Claims. When you choose DCap, you’re not only ensuring a successful recovery but also receiving a strategic investment that translates into substantial profits. As your enterprise partner, dedicated to delivering outstanding results regardless of your company’s size. With DCap Claims, the commitment leads to untapped revenue that fuels the growth and prosperity of your business.