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DCap provides claim filing and settlement support to businesses and industry associations around the world that have valid claims involving Antitrust and Class Action Settlements. DCap works directly with and on behalf of our clients to file claims, maximize their value, communicate with the claims administrator, counsel and service the claim through ultimate recovery.
Businesses can always file claims on their own and obtain claims filing information from the court approved website. However, businesses choose DCap to maximize their claim while minimizing their use of internal resources, time and the risk of mistake. DCap works on a contingency pricing model whereby DCap receives a percentage of the clients financial recovery and only receives our fee after the client recovers.
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What We Do

DCap provides claim filing and settlement support services for businesses that have valid antitrust and class action claims. DCap makes the complex filing process simple for all of our clients.

No Upfront Cost

There are no upfront fees or hidden charges. DCap does not get paid unless and until you get paid.